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All Things Borderless is an independent media outlet founded on the idea that we are all connected. The podcast is a place for free thought and free conversation. Your host Jamie Supertramp is a global citizen who gives weekly reports designed to spark laughter and learning.
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Feb 22, 2018

Jamie does a last minute GloPoll update before getting his teeth pulled and can't talk for a few days. 

See our landing page at GloPoll.Org and read my open letter that I wrote to Lawrence Lessig which explains tummy what it is we are building.

Check out our Twitter @GloPollOrg

See what our other allies are up to: @lessig @jenniferlawrenceupdates @RepresentDotUs

Jan 22, 2018

Jamie Pitches his democracy-tech idea GloPoll, discusses conflicting interpretations of freedom, and calls for a tech usability revolution.

Show Notes: 
catching up 0:45 - 6:37
Tech Rants 6:39 - 25:52
Tech Pitch: Glo Poll 25:52-32:47
Freedom Problems: 35:59


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Bill Burr on ditching Apple:

Dan Carlin, podcasting legend:

Ben Shapiro's weak argument that freedom to segregate is self-correcting:

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Jan 8, 2018

Jamie tells his 2018 adventures, proposes a P2P massage service, and admits to liking a conservative podcast. 


Nov 22, 2017

Jamie talks about everything besides vegans and armageddon. 

The Montreal Protocol was where international community agreed to phase out use of ozone depleting chemicals.



Nov 18, 2017

Jamie procrastinates by building robots to do his homework.  Spoiler alert: these are REALLY primitive robots! He also raves about Berlin and shares his German learning tips that don't (but could) involve building a robot. 



German Learning:

Interactive German preposition quiz!
(Currently set for fixed prepositions, but could easily ve repurposed)

Slowly Read German News podcast (in itunes store)

Tagesschau in 100 seconds: (in itunes store)

Tagesschau (in itunes store)


Nov 12, 2017

Jamie talks about cool things he's seen in Germany, high tech future stuff, and old fashioned stuff like having fires and listening to metal.

Check out the legendary Professor Musgrave:

Check out the incredible Brothers Green Eats cooking channel:

Take a look at the Wacken Open Air lineup and decide if you wanna come to the world's greatest metal fest:

Oct 27, 2017

Daring to care about trains, fighting Dystopia, and 5 things that AREN'T efficient in Germany. 

Oct 10, 2017

Autobahn driving, Hiking the Swiss Alps, and directing anger correctly

See the video short at:


Oct 9, 2017

Rogue cows and morbid humor in the mountains of Germany

Sep 11, 2017

not knowing your rights, and the rush of being attacked

Sep 10, 2017

Dancing like a headless chicken, the creepiest surveillance to date, and colorful people who go to hostels.

If you are more visual, the vlog version will be available on youtube at


Aug 15, 2017

Fascinating elders and abusing AAA for justice.

Aug 3, 2017

Special guest Alex Forrest explains why we should be pumped about trains! Alex is the manager of the viral twitter account @308kmh and founder of the hashtag #TrainTwitter which dishes out a heavy feed of train pics, memes, and woke AF statuses that will change the way you think!

Special thanks to Maikeru from the Death Mountaineers Gaming channel for producing this interview. 

Footage of the interview can be found at the new AllThingsBorderless youtube channel!


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Twitter :
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Death Mountaineers Gaming:

View Interview Footage at:


Jul 24, 2017

Girl fitness, trains, and stopping dystopia
Follow Friend of the podcast Alex Forrest!
on Twitter:  @308kmh
or on Facebook:



Jul 20, 2017

Renewable energy, Python bootcamp, and getting to the point

Podcast notes:
Learn Python with me on Udemy!

Wavestar renewable energy technology!

The old SJW bullshit generator and Trump tweet generator:

Get refunds for app purchases:


Jul 11, 2017

playing on waterfalls, beautiful trucks, and drivethroughts that sell cigarettes.

Jul 3, 2017

crazy things you see at gas stations, driverless traffic manners, and The South


FUNNY Trump TweetGenerator:

Learn how to code on , and use the promo link found here:

Dub FX, the beatbox musician with Reggae and hiphop influences:

Jun 13, 2017

Dogs, karaoke, and that data science # learn electricity #get started learning r # the social justice warrior bullshit generator, freshly debugged for your amusement!

Jun 1, 2017

Unpopular and overdue opinions shine through in the adventrous post-safe space era

May 24, 2017

Daring to be self critical in a divided America


Oxfam on inequality:

Crash Course on Israel.

Another nice overview video on the Middle East.

Gistnote: the all in one web hilighter note taking tool!

Homework Challenge: read this thesis and decide if Wahhabism is dangerous.

May 16, 2017

Part II of my interview with the special guest Tim Beaucage, or as I call him, the prophet. 

May 9, 2017

Special guest Tim Beaucage on the pod! Tim is a pedagogist, a philosopher, and the host of a TEDx Talk! Prepare to have your mind expanded!

Apr 18, 2017


surfing in a river, power tools, and baking from scratch


Vinnie Ferraro's daily newsletter:

Dan Carlin, the greatest podcaster: 
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History




Apr 10, 2017

spring fever, scooters, and butt muscles
Proof that "woke" is the new "swole"
Do people call it BP oil spill or "deepwater horizon spill"? Find out here.  




Mar 27, 2017

Urban Dictionary, supporting the troops, and "smart" water. 

For those needing iPone repair, check out my friend Enzo's business:

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